Write ahead logging explained photos

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Write ahead logging explained photos

Taken together, write-ahead-logging is used in many database systems, hinting this will be a software and programming centric blog. So what exactly is a write-ahead log?

Imagine your application has two counters. The constraint is the counters must be equal in all consistent states. We might double each counter during a transaction, Problems arise when there are system failures.

After output A there is a power outage so output B does not get executed. On disk, A is 20 but B is still 10, violating our contraint. We need a mechanism to handle such failures since they cannot be prevented. The log records information about transactions so we can restore our system to a consistent state.

The first log approach, the undo log, reverses the changes of incomplete transactions.

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The log is of course written to nonvolatile storage. An undo log looks something like this, When we update A we log a record indicate its before value Likewise, when we change B from 10 to 20 we record its before value Before outputting A and B to disk we must flush the log the undo log, not the data log.

With the undo log in place, how do we recovery from failure? We read the undo log from the end most recently written record to the start and find incomplete transactions.

The undo records are idempotent so if there is a crash during recovery we can just recovery as usual, setting B to 10 even if B is already 10; setting A to 10 even if A is already The undo log is great but there is one annoying performance issue.

If we have a lot of transactions we keep having to do output in order to maintain the integrity of the undo log.

write ahead logging explained photos

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write ahead logging explained photos

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