Time magazine photo essay detroit

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Time magazine photo essay detroit

Photo essays using the chronological approach Examples of photo essays: A simple example of a photo essay is that of the two pictures below where a little lamb makes friends with the freshmen and then finally gets the limelight as it performs on stage. In the photo essay below, I shot a high school student writing the names of his friends on the hollow blocks.

Please take note of the bust of Dr. Jose Rizal on the background of the first picture. Later on, after he left, I got a medium shot of the letters he wrote on the blocks.

As a final shot, using the vertical format, I shot the letters on the blocks, with a group of students walking away on the background. Sequence shots can be a chronological photo essay In the pictures below, I asked my Class yearbook staffer Eric to pose by the dike at the back of Rizal High School in Pasig.

I was on the 3rd floor of a building with my beloved Canon AE-1 Program camera fitted with a Vivitar Series 1 mm lens. Believe it or not, I bought this 2nd hand zoom lens in a barbershop in Blumentritt, Manila. I wanted to express the contemplative mood and loneliness a senior normally goes through as graduation time comes near.

I just wanted two elements in my picture - Eric and the still waters of the Marikina River flowing behind the Rizal High School campus in Pasig.

The first two pictures of the scene below were the ones I needed to express what I wanted.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

But then, I saw the tugboat coming from the left. I switched on the power winder of my camera. I shot about 20 frames all in all as the tugboat passed Eric and created ripples on the water. I had a photo essay which could be used to illustrate life cycles, transient moments, peace and serenity, consequences and change!

If you mouse over the pictures, the captions will appear for about five seconds. If you continue to move your mouse over the picture, the caption will stay visible.

Time magazine photo essay detroit

It has been sixteen years since when I asked you to pose by the dike. You can move away from the dike now, and go on with your life, okay?Jul 25,  · Time magazine asks in cover story about Detroit. Detroit has made the cover of Time magazine. "Detroit has acquired The online version of the story is accompanied by a photo essay by.

Dec 07,  · Donald Trump was named Time magazine's Person of the Year — but he ruined the surprise minutes before the big reveal. The President-elect called into the .

Time magazine photo essay detroit

At the time of its original telling in LIFE magazine, coverage of Lovings vs. Virginia was one among many documenting civil rights cases during the 's.

Now more than 40 years later what makes the story so compelling, is not just the courage of its participants but the love that drove them to fight for their cause. Photojournalism Links The 10 Best Photo Essays of the Month.

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Mosa'ab Elshamy: Exploring the Mawlids of Egypt (TIME LightBox) Magazine. Ideas. TIME Labs. Money. LIFE.

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Photography. Videos. Detroit Free Press, Detroit MI M.L. Elrick and Jim Schaefer “Detroit Mayor Lives Large While City Struggles” TIME Magazine, New York, N.Y.

Staff Entry “An American Tragedy” Photo Essay. Bedlam “In addition to its social reform agenda, this series explored one of the era’s central philosophical concerns: the tragic disjunction – and essential fragility .

- The Washington Post