The rebellion of nat turner

Nat Turner Nat Turner was an American slave who had lived his entire life in Southampton County, Virginiaan area with more blacks than whites. He grew up deeply religious and was often seen fasting, praying, or immersed in reading the stories of the Bible. He ran away at age 21 from his owner Samuel Turner, but he returned a month later after becoming delirious from hunger and receiving a vision which told him to "return to the service of my earthly master".

The rebellion of nat turner

An eruption of Mount St. Helens may have triggered the launch of the rebellion. When the daytime sky went dark on February 12,during a solar eclipse, Turner believed it a sign from God to begin the planning for his uprising.

After meeting secretly for months with fellow plotters, the daylight sky once again took on an odd appearance on August 13, Helens in the state of Washington.

The rebellion of nat turner

The slaves may have killed as many as 60 men, women and children. Upwards of 75 of them joined the uprising over the ensuing two days and killed dozens of whites.

After eluding the militia for two months, Turner was captured by a farmer. Hundreds of federal troops and thousands of militiamen quelled the uprising after 48 hours and captured most of its participants—except for Turner himself.

The rebellion of nat turner

In spite of an intense manhunt, the ringleader remained hidden in the woods just miles away from the Travis farm, where the rebellion began, for two months.

When Phipps raised his gun, a weak, emaciated Turner emerged from the foxhole and surrendered. Dozens of slaves stood trial for their participation in the rebellion.

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While some were acquitted, more than 50 were convicted and sentenced to death by a collection of 20 judges—all slaveholders. In addition, revenge-minded white mobs lynched blacks who played no part in the uprising.

While some historians have estimated that the mobs killed between and slaves, Breen estimates the death toll closer to The divinely inspired Turner ironically met his end in a town named Jerusalem. After his arrest, Turner was taken to the seat of Southampton County, a small town called Jerusalem present-day Courtland, Virginia.

Turner may have been skinned after his execution. As recounted by John W. In the wake of the rebellion, states passed laws making it illegal to teach African-Americans how to read or write. In Virginia, the rebellion marked the end of a nascent abolitionist movement.

Months after the insurrection, the Virginia legislature narrowly rejected a measure for gradual emancipation that would have followed the lead of the North. Watch the groundbreaking series reimagined. We strive for accuracy and fairness. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.Nat Turner's Revolt () Contributed by Patrick H.

Breen On the evening of August 21–22, , an enslaved preacher and self-styled prophet named Nat Turner launched the most deadly slave revolt in the history of the United States.

After Turner's capture, lawyer Thomas Ruffin Gray published The Confessions of Nat Turner: The Leader of the Late Insurrection in Southampton, Virginia. The book was the result of Gray's research while Turner was in hiding and his conversations with Turner before the trial, and it .

Nat Turner’s rebellion in frightened Southerners because it challenged the idea that slavery was a benevolent institution.

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In speeches and writings, slave owners portrayed themselves not so much as ruthless businessmen exploiting a people for their labor but as kind and well-intentioned masters tutoring blacks in civilization and religion. Watch video · Nat Turner (October 2, to November 11, ) was a slave who became a preacher and made history as the leader of one of the bloodiest slave revolts in America on August 21, Following.

The Nat Turner rebellion. In a slave named Nat Turner led a rebellion in Southhampton County, Virginia. A religious leader and self-styled Baptist minister, Turner and a group of followers killed some sixty white men, women, and children on the night of August Nat Turner was born on October 2, , in Southampton County, Virginia, the week before Gabriel was hanged.

While still a young child, Nat was overheard describing events that had happened before.

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