Something unexpected happened

Monica Huntington For many people, wildlife sightings are just part of the daily routine. For the most part, humans keep to themselves while wild animals are left to their own devices. However, sometimes these creatures seem to need our help and a concerned citizen will take things into their own hands sometimes literally.

Something unexpected happened

Something unexpected happened

This looks like the error has some relativity with Windows Update. I have seen errors in Windows Update with such kind of an error code. But the Windows Update service was running perfectly on the system, in which we faced the issue. After doing a couple of research on this error, I finally concluded that there is something wrong with permissions for the folder in which apps are stored.

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Thus, this led me to the solution to this error, which is shared below. Please create a system restore point first before you proceed.

Something unexpected happened

Now in the Local folder, scroll down to look for Packages folder and right-click on it, select Properties. In the following window, give permission to everyone in the username as full control. Here in this window, make sure that every user has full control.

However, if you find any user name without full control, click Add. Moving on, in the following window first click Select a principal, then type users in Select User or Group box, click Check Names. Lastly, check Full control for Basic permissions section. Click Apply and then OK.

In this way, every user has full control regarding permissions.

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Finally, reboot your computer and your issue should be fixed up.Seriously "something unexpected happened" That should be an internal message. Anyway I suspect that they've botched the account creation somehow. I am now faced with the horrible expectation of spending an hour or two on hold trying to resolve this.

But I know, from experience, that once I get back to Lebanon, something unusual and unexpected always happens, something kind and something beautiful, and that something always restores my faith in this place.

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Similar thing happened to me, my sister and I were playing and singing some tunes, don't even remember which song, on a balcony, and when we stopped there was a round of applause coming from a house across the street.

something unexpected happened when a couple of dolphins and a dobermann came face to face! - NewsD