Should 18 year old be allowed to drink why or why not

Parents are being told to wait longer before letting kids have alcohol. But just how strict should you be? Campaigns have urged families to delay their kids' first drinks, so as to protect developing brains.

Should 18 year old be allowed to drink why or why not

Math manipulatives of various kinds SOA June 7, at So I asked what are we supposed to do if we see a kid burning? They said send them in to the nurse. I mean I guess that is better then letting them burn.

Should 18 year old be allowed to drink why or why not

Alicia June 8, at Kind of like the no-hugging rules for teachers. DND June 8, at 1: My kids have these in their backpacks and have yet to cut them in lines and snort up their noses.

How can you look at a sun burnt student and not realize what an unbelievable asshole you are? Reader June 8, at 3: Andy June 8, at 6: Someone made rules and did not thought about sunscreen. Rules are revised once a year, during summer.

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They would have to either break a rule or go out of the usual process and that would be worst horrible thing in their eyes. The rest is just rhetorics meant to be hard to argue with. Second, when we were kids and had to take medicine, we took medicine with us to school and took it there.

There was no school nurse, you took it yourself and had it in a bag.

Alcohol and teens: a dilemma for parents - Health & Wellbeing

I guess if it was something super important or dangerous, teacher would be involved. Rick June 8, at 7: SOA June 8, at 7: The dangers of being burnt far out way the remote dangers the school seems worried about.

Dhewco June 8, at 9: I can remember whittling a stick at recess in Elementary school. Stephanie June 8, at 9: If I put sunscreen on my child in the morning, by noon the sunscreen may have rubbed off and need additional sunscreen.

I would be extremely angry if my child came home with a second or third degree sunburn after being in the sun all day at a field trip.

Our daycare supervises application midday. Nicole June 8, at The incidents would be so rare as to be negligible and easily manageable.

Should 18 year old be allowed to drink why or why not

The idea of allergies has some weight, but not enough to ban bringing sunscreen to school. My daughter and I are redheads with sensitive skin.

Certain creams make us break out in rashes, and that includes many brands of sunscreen and face paints. Thankfully, our elementary school and summer camps required that kids bring their own sunscreen that could be applied by the nurse or teacher, so she was protected from that harm. Peter MN June 8, at Yeah, not so much.

If I use the wrong one I can get, oh horror, an annoying rash that goes away in a day. Because if not, I pick possible rash over possible skin cancer any day. Mike June 8, at J- June 8, at It is true, that many children die of accidental poisoning every year.

The overwhelming majority of them are between the ages of 1 and 4 CDC report. This is the age range when kids will put anything in their mouths.Mar 03,  · Should We Lower The Drinking Age? the pros and cons of lowering the drinking age to 18 in the United States. the only thing that adults over the age of 18 can't do that a 21 year old .

Should year-old soldiers be allowed to drink legally? Readers respond in our social forum. why are you not old enough to smoke or drink? I would rather no one smoked or drank. It is only 18 to gamble which includes lotto. However, since most casinos have liquor on the floor, then the drinking age takes precedence.

But, like Aquaduct in Queens, NY, since they choose liquor on the floor, then they allow 18 year olds to gamble. Nov 05,  · But some year-olds need to drive because public transportation is limited in most parts of the country, and the drinking age is 21, in part because we worry about young people drinking .

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If you're looking for a food. Parents' rules about underage drinking: A qualitative study of why parents let teens drink.

Bettina When parents were asked whether they allowed their teen to drink alcohol, most parents' initial response was that they did not condone underage drinking. “These kids are gonna be 18 years old.

You gotta let them make their own mistakes.

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