My new friends the reasons for moving on with my life

There is something about the Western part of the U. Below are the top reasons why moving west changed my life for the better. Moving west forced me to get out in the wilderness and go seek beautiful places. When you live in the West, you have access to the most beautiful public forests and parks.

My new friends the reasons for moving on with my life

But for many of us, beyond a vacation here and there, we spend most of our lives in just one place. It can be scary to take the leap and move to another city or countrybut sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn and grow. Such a major life change can be intimidating, but as they say: Here are 9 reasons you should consider packing your bags and moving somewhere new.

And if you can do that, who knows what else you can do?

My new friends the reasons for moving on with my life

Foster independence There is comfort in familiarity, but it takes real courage to build independence. You may be surprised how much you rely on the people around you for comfort and validation, and how scary you find unfamiliarity.

Broaden your horizons The best way to experience something new is to immerse yourself in it. Being around a new culture has the unique power to broaden our perception of the world and our place in it, in turn opening our eyes to a clearer perception of both other people and ourselves.

Some of us are born being comfortable with it, and others have to constantly push themselves to do it. Even if you already have friends or family members waiting for you when you move to a new city or country, you will inevitably experience some feelings of solitude. It comes with the territory of being a stranger in your environment.

But if you embrace these feelings, you can really grow from them. Learning to feel safe and content in your own company is a lesson you can take with you wherever you go—you may even learn that you really love it.

Make new friends It was easy to make new friends as a kid, when your new BFF may have just been the person eating lunch next to you in the cafeteria.

As we get older, however, forming new friendships becomes more difficult. Moving to a new place forces you to do just that.

Whereas you may not have had much incentive before to get out there and meet new people, getting settled in a new city or country requires that you branch out and make connections. It builds character, which in turn builds better students and employees.

Will it get you a job? But will it set you apart from the competition? Learn a new language in the best way possible Learning a new language is incredibly difficult, especially as we age. So what better way to do that than to move somewhere where you really have no choice but to learn to speak and communicate in an entirely new way?

Making the move to a new city or country will challenge your assumptions about where you came from and enable you to look at your roots from a brand new perspective.Playing softball oddly enough prepared me to face the most difficult moment in my life.

Having a child with special needs. It taught me how to fight for him, work together with doctors, teachers and therapists as a team, time management and how to fit all his needs into our daily lives, adversity, never giving up on him and to keep fighting till we have a victory, controlling emotions, staying.

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My new friends the reasons for moving on with my life

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