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Seven suspects expected to appear in the Ficksburg Magistrate Court today for stabbing a woman to death. The men are charged with murder.

Mrs t nqodi

Would I be correct in assuming that he would have gone through the entire Colenso, Spioenkop, Vaalkrantz, Pieters saga with Warren culminating in the relief of Ladysmith?

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The dates tally quite nicely but I would like your opinions. I append below the interesting story to a man who came from an old Colonial family and who died in the service of his country albeit not during the Boer War.

His application having been successful he commenced employment on June 23, as an extra clerical assistant. On 24 May at No time for more. Stainbank is suffering from Congestion of the Liver and will not be fit for duty for a few days. The day before my son was complaining and not thinking much of it I merely told him to see the Doctor on his return to Durban.

Mrs t nqodi

Yesterday evening at 11 p. I had risen from table to see him off at the station but when he was saying good bye to his mother I noticed him stagger slightly. In he became a fourth class clerk at the General Post Office and was transferred to the Post Office in Durban in They were, during part ofchiefly employed in Zululand, and on the border with the Transvaal.

The corps did not see much fighting, but their presence in this district was very valuable. The Scouts provided a bodyguard of about 30 men to General Warren. They were disbanded in April On 3 March 9 days before his discharge he wrote home to his parents.

According to page 38 of Owen Coetzer's Road to Infamy, Stainbank was one of the 30 members of Warren's personal escort. His letter read, in part, as follows: The Ladysmith garrison lined the street as far as the road leading to Tin Town, the permanent military camp.

They looked very white and thin beside the Relief of bronzed and dirty looking fellows, all stout and in splendid condition. The garrison had smiling faces, but some of the men could hardly stand up they were so weak. They cheered as hard as they could, but what a miserable sound it was from so many men.

They had hardly the strength to cheer.

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One poor Lieutenant of the Gordons could only lean on his sword. General Buller led the way with his escort and General Warren with his. Warren was soon recognised and spoken of as the "fighting" general, and it seemed to me that the cheers for him were more hearty Stainbank was discharged on 12 March whereafter he joined the Nottingham Road Rifle Association — a small band of men whose primary task was to protect their immediate surroundings from any Boer incursions.

With war a thing of the past his involvement in it Stainbank returned to the Civil Service. No longer finding the Post Office work to his liking he ventured into the legal field and was rewarded for his diligence with his first Magistracy at Ingwavuma to which he was promoted in It was whilst employed in this capacity that he was to meet with his untimely end.

Stainbank was to become a civilian casualty of the Bambatha Rebellion; let the story, carried in various newspapers of the time be told by them. Stainbank has caused a painful impression in the City Pietermaritzburgwhere the late Magistrate was well known.

The news of this occurrence has been the means of arousing fresh apprehensions relative to the situation in Zululand.

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On receipt of the intelligence, which came in a telegram from the Chief Native Commissioner, a meeting of the Cabinet was instantly called.

The measures to be taken in connection with the incident were earnestly discussed. The spot at which the tragedy occurred is some 30 miles from Nkandhla, near the main trunk road from Melmoth and Eshowe. It appears that Mr.Travelgate warrant out for former MP.

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