Identity and voice

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Identity and voice

While this article was written with a specific religious tradition in view, the principles derived from Nehemiah 13 would apply in a wider context. The Phenomenon of the Third Generation Historians and sociologists have observed an interesting trend that occurs with groups of people, or in communities, or even in families.

It is called the phenomenon of the third generation. Simply put, they have observed that there commonly occurs deterioration within a community that tends to climax with the third generation. The process begins with a period of dynamic activity, usually stimulated by a strong leader or by some significant event in the life of the community.

This is the first generation.


It is characterized by great growth, materially, intellectually, socially, and even spiritually. There are new ideas around, there is a dynamic to living, an excitement because new things are happening.

Identity and voice

There Identity and voice expansion and growth on all levels of human endeavor. The first generation is marked by growth. Then time Identity and voice and the second generation takes over.

They have not directly experienced the dynamic events of the first generation. They have inherited good times and prosperity. There is no longer the drive to accomplish, to create new ideas, to grow.

The second generation is usually content to preserve and consolidate the gains of the first generation. They know the triumphs of the past and sometimes wish or dream for them.

Yet, because they are content with what they have inherited, there is little motivation to put forth the genuine effort to sustain the dynamic of the past. So the second generation is content with listening to the stories of the old days, wishing for them, but is too involved with the preservation of the success of the present to continue the growth of the first generation.

They work hard to preserve the status quo, fearing that any movement will risk losing what they have received. The second generation is marked by entrenchment. Time passes again and the mantle falls on the third generation. They have only heard about the dynamics and vitality of the first generation second hand.

They have not seen that kind of vitality; they have only seen the process of preservation and entrenchment. They have heard the stories of the past but they are far away and unreal.

They find no compelling reason to be driven by the vision that drove the grandparents. They are freed from the need to fight for recognition and security, and are even freed from the worries of preserving what was originally hard won.

They are idle, with no vision that drives them, no passion that inflames them, and no purpose that gives them meaning. As a result, members of the third generation usually begin to question their identity, their belonging.

The third generation is often a people lacking a strong sense of identity and belonging and so are uncommitted to the group; a people without a driving passion because they are fired by no vision; a people not sure of who they are, what they believe, or what they should do.

The third generation is marked by decline. Biblical Examples We do not have to look too far in the Bible itself to see examples of the third generation problem.Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control users' access to AWS services.

Create and manage users and groups, and grant or deny permissions. Click here to: The Third Generation: Nehemiah and The Question of Identity. Dennis Bratcher.

Note: While this article was written with a specific religious tradition in view, the principles derived from Nehemiah 13 would apply in a wider context.

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Identity and voice

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