How to write a program in python 3.3.2

These features are not supported. They may be functionally incomplete, unstable or in other ways not suitable for production use.

How to write a program in python 3.3.2

Higher-order functions are closely related to first-class functions in that higher-order functions and first-class functions both allow functions as arguments and results of other functions. The distinction between the two is subtle: Higher-order functions enable partial application or curryinga technique that applies a function to its arguments one at a time, with each application returning a new function that accepts the next argument.

This lets a programmer succinctly express, for example, the successor function as the addition operator partially applied to the natural number one. This means that pure functions have several useful properties, many of which can be used to optimize the code: If the result of a pure expression is not used, it can be removed without affecting other expressions.

If a pure function is called with arguments that cause no side-effects, the result is constant with respect to that argument list sometimes called referential transparencyi.

This can enable caching optimizations such as memoization. If there is no data dependency between two pure expressions, their order can be reversed, or they can be performed in parallel and they cannot interfere with one another in other terms, the evaluation of any pure expression is thread-safe.

If the entire language does not allow side-effects, then any evaluation strategy can be used; this gives the compiler freedom to reorder or combine the evaluation of expressions in a program for example, using deforestation.

While most compilers for imperative programming languages detect pure functions and perform common-subexpression elimination for pure function calls, they cannot always do this for pre-compiled libraries, which generally do not expose this information, thus preventing optimizations that involve those external functions.

Some compilers, such as gccadd extra keywords for a programmer to explicitly mark external functions as pure, to enable such optimizations.

Fortran 95 also lets functions be designated pure.


Recursion computer science Iteration looping in functional languages is usually accomplished via recursion. Recursive functions invoke themselves, letting an operation be repeated until it reaches the base case. Although some recursion requires maintaining a stack, tail recursion can be recognized and optimized by a compiler into the same code used to implement iteration in imperative languages.

how to write a program in python 3.3.2

The Scheme language standard requires implementations to recognize and optimize tail recursion. Tail recursion optimization can be implemented by transforming the program into continuation passing style during compiling, among other approaches.

how to write a program in python 3.3.2

Common patterns of recursion can be factored out using higher order functions, with catamorphisms and anamorphisms or "folds" and "unfolds" being the most obvious examples. Such higher order functions play a role analogous to built-in control structures such as loops in imperative languages.

Most general purpose functional programming languages allow unrestricted recursion and are Turing completewhich makes the halting problem undecidablecan cause unsoundness of equational reasoningand generally requires the introduction of inconsistency into the logic expressed by the language's type system.

Some special purpose languages such as Coq allow only well-founded recursion and are strongly normalizing nonterminating computations can be expressed only with infinite streams of values called codata.

As a consequence, these languages fail to be Turing complete and expressing certain functions in them is impossible, but they can still express a wide class of interesting computations while avoiding the problems introduced by unrestricted recursion.

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Functional programming limited to well-founded recursion with a few other constraints is called total functional programming.Python program to create 3D list. - 3D list means 3D array In this program we create 3D array with integer elements Example Input 3 3 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5.

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November 17, AM UTC. The modify version of the Pygame Missile Manager Class. Before we go ahead and create the Game Manager class we will need to take out all the code which are related to the missile manager in the main python file as shown in the previous article and put them all under a single missile manager class.

Feb 04,  · How to Write and Run a Program in Python. We’ll only cover the basics of writing and executing a Python program here, but a great tutorial covering everything a programmer needs to know about Python is the book. lftp is a sophisticated command line based file transfer program. Supported protocols include FTP, HTTP, SFTP, and FISH.

It has a multithreaded design allowing you to issue and execute multiple commands simultaneously or in the background.

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