How to write a formal complaint example

Get the details If something happens that you may want to complain about, you'll want evidence, particularly if the incident is serious enough to lead to possible criminal charges. You don't have to make the decision about complaining straight away.

How to write a formal complaint example

You must contact your local EEO counselor within 45 days of the act of discrimination " act of harm " to begin the "informal" counseling "pre-complaint" process. This is the first step to filing discrimination complaint in federal government.

Although this is an "informal" process, nothing is "informal. The counseling period should not exceed more than 30 days from your "initial contact," unless you have requested mediation or granted extension.

Within 30 days of your "initial contact. Within 15 days of your filing a formal complaint, the counselor must issue you a Counselor's Report. See below for Counselor Report. US Postal Service employees can file a discrimination complaint by mailing to: Click for the NRP class action questionnaire.

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If you received the questionnaire without the address to which to send it back, contact the law firm representing the class complainant: Employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs can file a discrimination complaint by contacting: The date of your initial contact with EEO counselor is very important.

Because it starts the time clock backward for determining the 45 day window period within which you must contact EEO counselor to initiate federal EEO complaint process.

If the contact date falls on the 46th day after the act of harm, you have missed the deadline. Your claim will be deemed untimely and be dismissed.

Many valid complaints are dismissed for untimely filing. However, the 45 day time limit may be extended later during the formal complaint process or during the EEOC hearing process if the complainant "was not notified of the time limits and was not otherwise aware of them, that he or she did not know and reasonably should not have been known that the discriminatory matter or personnel action occurred, that despite due diligence he or she was prevented by circumstances beyond his or her control from contacting the counselor within the time limits, or for other reasons considered sufficient by the agency or the Commission [EEOC].

So, even if you missed the day time limits, it is better to contact the EEO counselor and file an informal complaint--if the above exceptions apply-- and argue during the subsequent formal complaint process why the Agency should afford you an equitable tolling or estople of the day time limits.

Unless you allege discrimination with specific issues and basesyour first contact may not be counted by the Counselor as the "initial contact. You must specify for example: You must be prepared to identify issues and bases of discrimination. Attach your own affidavit containing issues and bases to the pre-complaint form the counselor will fill out for you and write in the pre-complaint form: An event without a date is not a fact.

how to write a formal complaint example

Insist on having your representative present, if you have a representative. Do not talk with the Counselor without your representative, if you have one.

What you did not mention to the EEO counselor may not be alleged later when you file a formal complaint. The forms and information you were supposed to be given "at the initial counseling session" are hardly given in the beginning. The forms are given sometimes via email or fax with no explanation.

Friendly chats or verbal consultation with the EEO counselor may not be count as a contact. Please used the word 'discrimination' and identify issues and bases when you report to the EEO counselor. Also leave a clear paper trail to verify and to prove your contact with EEO counselor, what you stated to him or her.

If you cannot prove that you have contacted your EEO counselor on certain date, it will be deemed that you have not made the initial contact on the date you thought you did. Email or fax is the best way to contact and report discrimination to an EEO counselor, even if you are told to call first.

The date of call may not be counted as the initial contact day, even though it should if you stated your issues and bases clearly to the EEO counselor. It is advisable to submit an affidavit stating and supporting your allegations.

Don't rely on or expect the EEO counselor to do the necessary work for you. He or she won't. I have seen many EEO counselors sabotaging discrimination complaints at the outset. Agencies do not like discrimination complaints and may, in violation of law, retaliate against you vigorously for filing.

Keep records of all contacts with your local EEO counselor:Check out this example formal letter. Now that you know how to write one, we thought you could benefit from an use this as a template to help you write the perfect business or formal letter.

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