How the ascent of the rich

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How the ascent of the rich

Ascent Private Capital Management of U. Amy Zehnder credit card news By: October 19, Our finance experts and industry insiders blog the latest news, studies, current events, and other interesting tidbits from inside the credit card industry.

With the backing of U. Bank, Ascent Private Capital Management re-imagines wealth and brings families together to achieve a shared vision for the future. Ascent aims to build financial posterity through a seamless transfer of family resources by using wealth psychology.

A lack of preparation, trust, and communication among family members or business associates can make managing family wealth complicated. The patriarch of a wealthy family was aging. Now, with grown children and even grandchildren in the picture, the family increasingly looked to the man to help plan and hopefully secure the financial futures of other family members.

But the man was not ready to relinquish control of the identity or the roles he had held for most of his life.

The wild ascent of 'Crazy Rich Asians' star Henry Golding

Bankcame in. Ascent Wealth Coach Dr. Amy Zehnder helps families evaluate their relationship with money. It was a difficult conversation for the family, but it was an essential one.

In the end, the man agreed to relinquish control and was given honorary and emeritus titles to help him maintain his identity. Bank approaches financial situations from both angles.

Ascent uses wealth psychology to help individuals analyze the emotions and expectations that money can elicit. To learn more about how the practice can help families make better decisions about their financial futures, we spoke with Zehnder.

What is wealth psychology? We all have a relationship with money that we learned at an early age; this relationship guides the majority of behaviors throughout our lives.

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Saying that money is more than wealth means that someone can be rich in spirit, rich in love, rich in knowledge, rich in family relationships, and have a rich social network. What does a wealth psychologist do?

We help families understand that wealth is more than money. We help them to manage human capital, social capital, and intellectual capital, as well as their financial capital.

We facilitate family meetings and retreats that offer activities focused on family legacy, values, personalities, temperaments, and family business concepts distributions, ownership, stewardship.

At meetings and retreats, we encourage family members to share stories of how they learned the value of a dollar and expectations they have of future generations. We do governance work as well, helping families create business decision-making processes, structures, and agreements that will provide clarity for family members, owners, stakeholders, and the business entity alike.

We create forums for people to be heard and problems to be addressed, and help with succession plans to transition key roles in a family business seamlessly.

And the root behind that is that we help them seek and achieve peace of mind, if possible. Sometimes, we simply prepare the parents for these conversations, and other times we facilitate them by creating a safe space for them to take place. Why is it important for affluent families to utilize these sorts of services?

Because clarity of expectations and transparent and open communication are key to wealth sustainability.

Is this service only for affluent families, or are there benefits for non-affluent families as well? The work we do is all about honest communication, and the ability to share openly. Talking about the number one taboo topic — money — benefits families at all socioeconomic levels.

All families could benefit from discussing expectations rooted in money messages. What does a consultation entail? How does the process unfold and what should families expect?

Once a family decides to work with us, we create a baseline through a survey, interviews or both. Sometimes it is a matter of changing who has access to information, giving people permission to do or not do things and sharing unspoken expectations.But Rich DeVos and Amway co-founder Jay Van Andel were also told to stop fixing prices and to clean up their sales pitch, which exaggerated the potential riches.

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Rich people are committed to being rich. That is how they stay rich. If we earn a lot of money but at the same time we end up spending all of them, then what is the point earning so much.

How the ascent of the rich

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