Harmful effect of internet on academic life of students

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Harmful effect of internet on academic life of students

By using the wide range of technology available in most classrooms, students have access to more information and tools than ever before. Textbooks An e-book has limitless copies and cannot be damaged or lost -- unlike print textbooks, which can become outdated and include misinformation. While e-reader implementation in the classroom can be costly, it reduces how many books a student needs to carry.

Harmful effect of internet on academic life of students

E-books cost less than print books, reducing the overall cost of education. E-readers also ensure that students all have the same copy of a textbook, and that the textbook remains up-to-date when new editions are released.

However, videoconferencing removes the variables of travel and reduces issues with scheduling, and it increases student participation by reducing the size of the audience. With videoconferencing students can meet professionals, arrange lessons with other teachers and even meet their peers in other countries.

Simulations With computers students can be involved in more detailed and in-depth simulations than in years past. As Sarah Kessler of Mashable says, "Digital simulations and models can help teachers explain concepts that are too big or too small Distance Learning Not all schools have access to the same curricular tools -- especially in small towns -- but nearly every school has an Internet connection.

With the Internet, students can take more varied and advanced courses with teachers in different areas without ever leaving the classroom. Distance learning programs can involve complex programs for submitting and managing assignments, or they can be as informal as using email, webcams and chatrooms for communication.

Teachers in the report "How Teens Do Research in the Digital World," by the Pew Research Center, suggest that students can be taught to research better by being directed to specific sources instead of just Googleas well as requiring students to include both online and offline sources.Aug 26,  · This study aimed to investigate the effects of addiction to computer games on physical and mental health of students.

Methods: The study population includes all students in the second year of public guidance schools in the city of Isfahan in the educational year of The invention of internet however facilitates the students in many ways but it also brings many negative impacts among the academics life of students.


Internet is like a knife. 1 agree that using the internet harmful to students The sheer amount of information available on the Internet can be overwhelming for students, and they may have difficulty finding specific data without getting caught up in social media or other distractions.

Determining the effects of gadget on academic performance of students at Mati doctors Academy will provide information that will help guide the campus and classroom mobile device policies. Effects of Pre-marital sex on Undergraduate Students The effect of pre-marital sex on academic performance is too vague because the impact differs from student to student and how the affected student deals with being sexually active.

In other words, the rate of using the internet or even the excessive use has no effect on the information-seeking behavior of the students, although all the students have a positive attitude toward the internet for obtaining the information apart from their sex or faculty.

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