Final piece gcse drama evaluation

What should you be thinking about when taking a photo using one of the formal elements?

Final piece gcse drama evaluation

Go onto the pintrest website and look for ideas for diguise. Why i chose disguise I chose Disguise because I was drawn to it and also as soon as I read the brief loads of ideas came flooding into my head and I was thinking of ways to carry these ideas out in real life.

I also thought that this would be a good was to show more of my skills for example my creativity and skills in composition and researching. This series of images were called masquerade. The idea of this came from Saul Steinberg through his various artworks that featured disguise.

During this project, all of the models remain without an identity which created mystery in their photographs.

DISGUISE - Natalie, smith GCSE photography portfolio

Saul Steinberg worked as a cartoonist in new york, using his drawing skills and her photography skills these wonderful, unique images were created. I used an app on my phone called square size to create an effect. I think that these images were quite effective in the fact that they show a range of ideas and they all show Disguise in a way.

Final piece gcse drama evaluation

The first image is my least favourite and i do not think this worked as well as the others because it was not focused because the movement of the bubbles. In these images i had my sister sitting on a chair in front of me and then we went through some of my ideas and we discussed what ones would be suitable to do in these conditions and the ones she was happy to model for.

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I can have more than one person and i can use paper bags or something similar to give the subjects their own personalities that the viewer can see from the face they have, Also this type of image will test my skills on composition and give me the chance to decide where all the elements go within the image.

I may try to recreate this image with the black and white effect. Meatyard first started photography after his first child was born. Ralph Meatyard bought a camera to take pictures of his baby.

Ralph Meatyard photographed his three kids and his wife, he also sometimes used his friends and their kids if necessary.

Editied images 2 Evaluation To create these images i used photoshop to edit these images. I changed the features using the bulk, pucker and the swirl tool to change the facial features of this image. I think my worst image was the one of the boy in the bottom left hand corner because the chin smudged to much when i was trying to bulk the chin.

I think the eyes in this image worked as they look really big and bold and they stand out on the face. Changing the size of the eyes and the pupils really changed the way the boy looks. I think the best photograph was the image of the girl with frizzy hair, in the bottom left right hand side of the page, because i have used all of the tools on the photo booth site to make the eyes and lips bigger and added a swirl on different parts of the face to make the photograph look slightly abstract, disguising the face.

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Marier Rime take photographs of women waring armour style clothing in her series of images named 'Armures'.May 03,  · Drama devised GCSE piece-Ward 13 got an A*:) Others: Raisah Khan, Tamika Dionne, Naecia Hurtault and Cara Snaith. that contributes to the final grade awarded for a GCSE qualification.

Typically, though, it is an (pre ) and Drama (post ). One piece of coursework may be an oral response. Design & Technology 60% Single integrated project consisting of a 3D product and a concise design The holistic perspective tends nowadays to be referred to.

Final piece gcse drama evaluation

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Drama GCSE Revision Pack “My contribution to the piece was playing the role of Christine. I felt that my use of facial expressions was a particular strength as I was able to convey Christine’s fear which supported the overall aim of the piece to highlight the effect on a family of a missing child.

An introduction to the GCSE Drama devising log: supporting students in creating their written coursework log Mat Walters evaluation to the devising log f How did that help the final piece to become more effective – cite specific. Devised Performance evaluation - 20 per cent (40 marks) What do I need to do?

The practical work on the drama stimuli [stimuli: In drama, stimuli refer to the drama texts (photos, texts, video etc.

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