Eyes to the sky

Want to learn the stars and constellations? Or wish you just knew how to get around the night sky? You have come to the right place.

Eyes to the sky

It comes from light on the ground scattering in the atmosphere and back to our eyes, blotting out the stars. But some of that light manages to travel all the way through the atmosphere and escape to space.

Eyes to the sky

Earth-orbiting satellites intercept some of that light, and their cameras provide valuable evidence of not only where artificial light at night is used in the world, but how its changing. How Light Scatters Creating Light Pollution and Skyglow The illustration below shows how some of the light we emit on the ground ends up in the lenses of cameras aboard satellites.

The streetlight emits light in many different directions. If we make some assumptions about how much light comes back down to Earth as the result of reflection or scattering in the atmosphere, then we can work backward to figure out how much light must have left the ground.

Around the same time, the U. In Decemberthe DMSP was declassified and its data were made available to the civil scientific community.

Light pollution researchers immediately realized the value of this new data source. At first, these checks were performed on individual DMSP images, which only showed a small part of the Earth at a time.

Many cities were seen simply as bright patches of light, without great detail. More recently, in the U. This camera is equipped with some the best sensors and lenses ever flown on civilian space missions, and has transformed how we see Earth at night.

As a result, we can see fine details such as highways and ring roads around cities. Here are are some websites where you can see the images for yourself.

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A map for each year from to is available, with the exception of Comparison of different years shows how the amount of light at any particular place on Earth is changing. The figure below, showing the eastern Mediterranean Sea region top row and a zoom on the area southwest of London, UK bottom rowillustrates how the resolution of the images improved significantly after VIIRS data became available in Note that even though the and maps are from the same source, they look very different.

Images from are presented in a way that emphasizes faint light in rural areas at the expense of the city cores, which are bright and featureless. Images from the maps, in comparison, are scaled in a way that accurately reflects the large differences in brightness within cities, but can make rural areas appear especially dark.

In the image below, spanning about kilometers and centered on the U. Be aware, however, that these are very large files! The example below shows northwestern Europe, which contains some of the most light-polluted territories in the world, along with a scale right that shows the meaning of the colors on a scale of physical units.

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The color scale on this map is especially useful in assessing the amount of light projected from cities into rural areas. The dramatic increase in light between these two years is due to increased extraction of petroleum in this region, now in excess of 2 million barrels of oil per day.

The New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness First published inthis interactive map of the world presents the satellite data a little differently than other sites.

Based on the actual light measured at the satellite and a model for how light scatters through air, researchers can predict how much of the light that is directed into the sky ends up back on the ground.

The number of colors is greater, allowing for finer distinction among the levels of artificial light. Using digital SLR cameras and an Earth-tracking mountastronauts have amassed thousands of such images.[Verse 1:] (Oh yeah) Anxiety dances across my pillow case, my God it dances It's like, 1, 2 step It's asking stupid questions Like "are you living right?".

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Eyes to the Sky. likes. We are 5 guys from ACT who started jamming in Without any defined goals or discussed musical aspirations, we made. Billions of people around the world routinely experience light pollution in the form of skyglow, the ever-present “haze” of light over cities at night.

It comes from light on the ground scattering in the atmosphere and back to our eyes, blotting out the stars. But some of that light manages to. A drone hovered over a backyard swimming pool where a young woman was skinny dipping.

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Eyes In The Sky: Exploring Global Light Pollution With Satellite Maps