Essay on brain drain in pakistan

Lack of educational policies:

Essay on brain drain in pakistan

World Bank The present government has realized the importance of education and consequently the Higher Education Commission HEC has been established with a view to guiding higher education policy and assisting universities and degree awarding institutes in the pursuit of quality education at the seat of higher learning, both public and private.

Its objective is to work with the academic community for qualitative and quantitative improvement of higher education and to aid in the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Besides, the Education Sector Reforms ESR are designed with a view to increasing access, enhancing equity and improving quality at all levels of education.

Developed countries immigration policies: In order to accumulate human capital, many industrialized countries are aiming to attract highly skilled immigrants. The policies that encourage such movement target highly trained science and technology personnel, particularly from developing countries.

These trends are likely to have been confirmed in the s in the face of the increasingly "quality-selective" immigration policies introduced in many OECD countries.

Canadian immigration policy follows along similar lines, resulting in an increasing share of highly educated people among the immigrants selected; for example, in50, professional specialists and entrepreneurs immigrated to Canada throughout the world with 75, additional family members, representing 58 per cent of the total immigration.

For the latter category, the annual number of visas issued for highly skilled professionals H-1B visas increased from 48, in tointhe totality of this increase being due to immigration from developing countries, especially India.

At present, Pakistan is also facing the problem of brain drain. The migration of professionals to foreign countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand has increased considerably in recent years.

Young, educated, and skilled Pakistanis, particularly engineers, doctors, IT experts, scientists and other professionals have either left the country or are planning to do so. This situation hinders the government from achieving its proposed goals.

To date, no serious efforts have been made to stop this disastrous brain drain. According to IMF, the migration rate from Pakistan to the OECD countries of individuals with a tertiary education is more than seven per cent, while for India it is about 2.

The estimates show that there is an overall tendency for migration rates to be higher for highly educated individuals The latest Gallup survey indicates that not only qualified professionals and university graduates want to leave the country, but even semi-skilled and unskilled workers want to migrate in search of better prospects.

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About 62 per cent of the adults interviewed for the survey expressed the desire to go abroad to work, while 38 per cent say that they would prefer to settle permanently outside the country. According to a study the ratio of researchers and scientists, who opted for working in foreign companies, is higher in the research wing and breading and genetics institutions of the agriculture department.

In some departments of agriculture research institutes, over 30 per cent seats are vacant, mainly due to the fact that the researchers left the country for better opportunities. And, due to ban on recruitments, sincethese vacancies could not be filled.

Remittances vs brain drain: No doubt that we are getting foreign remittances as a result of brain drain. But could we think that the money they send could be a better substitute in exchange of the services what they are extending for others and becoming a source of their rapid economic, scientific and technological development.

If proper infrastructure is provided to them within the country, Pakistan could earn manifold than the money is received as foreign remittances.

Economic factor, however, is not the sole factor involved in brain drain. There are also other factors that contribute to the migration of skilled people to developed countries from developing nations. One of the important factors behind the acceleration of brain drain is low income at home.

Skilled and educated people expect some kind of reward. But when they get no reward for their hard work and labour, they feel disappointed and frustrated. The value placed for a scientist with an advanced level degree in Pakistan is Grade 17, with a salary that is even insufficient to meet the basic requirements of a family.

Grabbing the opportunity, the advanced countries take away these people by offering them lucrative incentives. In addition to low economic incentive, promotion process in developing countries is also very slow. It takes them several years to get promotions. Apart from that, mutilation of merit is a routine feature.

Non-deserving people bypass the deserving ones. All the frustrated scientists and skilled people feel compelled to leave the native country in search of better opportunities. These are the people who complain about the general attitude of society towards professionals, particularly scientists.

An important determinant of the international migration of scientists and technology experts is the availability of resources to conduct research and higher salary levels for researchers in recipient countries.Essay on immigration.

Immigration is what carves the picture of the modern world. Travelling from one country to other for trading had been popular since historic times.

Essay on brain drain in pakistan

The main purpose of this research paper is to know about the nature of the problem of Brain Drain. Appropriate respects are not given to highly skilled and qualified people, and no rich opportunities are available for them, here are suggested that. Problem of Brain Drain Essay universe” - Albert Einstein Good Morning ma'am, and Hello to my friends.

let me tell about my topic, its 'the problem of brain drain Among dozens of setbacks for poor economic condition in Pakistan brain drain is very phenomenal, but the government of Pakistan is trying to retrench it by creating more .

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Brain drain is a major problem for Pakistan, its best and brightest leave the country and put their talent and work into US/EU/Middle East/Australia. Recommend Hatim.

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