Edfd smart babies reaction paper

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Edfd smart babies reaction paper

I am convinced that business ethics in its present form is not sufficient to overcome the reluctance of a large number of companies and owners to adopt ethics in their business.

A | W I N F I E L D | M E D I A

A more activist and militant approach is needed, and this book tries to find the origin of such an activist ethics in religion, philosophy, psychology, democracy and international contexts. As the traditional safeguards of the interests of the stakeholders, namely the press, the law, the boards of directors, etc, are not sufficient, activist business ethics has to be enhanced by the personification of stakeholders, the predominance of the values and ethics of the CEOs and a change in the attitude of society toward ethics.

In my previous book new vehicles for the safeguard of interests of minority shareholders and stakeholders were examined, namely the Internet, Transparency, Whistle-Blowers, Activist Associations and Ethical Funds.

However, we have seen in the case studies of the first book that even those new vehicles are not sufficient in many cases and my new book presents two future vehicles that do not exist yet — the Supervision Board and the Institute of Ethics. These vehicles are empowered by executive tools and can cope effectively with the existing institutions, which are controlled mainly by majority shareholders.

I also want to thank my excellent editor David Cella, who has done a very valuable job in publishing the book in record time.

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Special thanks also to Judith Pforr and Jill Garbi for their valuable assistance in editing the book. Last but not least, my greatest thanks are to my wife Ruthy, and my children, Joseph, Amir and Shirly, who are the inspiration for all my academic books and novels.

Ethics begins at home, and I am grateful to my family for sharing this long Odyssey with me. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Transparency International Israel and a member of The Society for Business Ethics, and is very active in the Israeli business ethics community.

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Cory lectures at universities, companies and ethical organizations throughout the world on business ethics with a special emphasis on minority shareholders.

Two centuries later, we live in a time of accelerated changes, and we do not have the long life to wait for the truth.

Edfd smart babies reaction paper

Activist business ethics, business ethics with a more activist militant approach, is needed in order to remedy the wrongdoing committed to the stakeholders and minority shareholders. This will be achieved by cooperation between ethical businessmen and businesswomen, activist academics and associations of stakeholders and minority shareholders.

We should treat others as we would want them to treat us, not through interest, but by conviction. Yet this principle is not the guideline of many companies in the modern business world, although most of religions and philosophers have preconized it in the last 3, years.

How could we convince or compel modern business to apply this principle and is it essential to the success of economy? In order to answer these questions this book examines the evolution of activist business ethics in business, democracies, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and other religions, as well as in philosophy, psychology and psychoanalysis.

The book presents new vehicles for the safeguard of those interests and future activist vehicles, such as the Supervision Board and the Institute of Ethics. Activist ethics in business should be established in the forefront of business as a countermeasure to the crumbling of moral values.

The cost of the lack of ethics and the contractual costs are much higher than the cost of ethics in business, as trust becomes more and more rare. Many businessmen perceive business as a poker game, in which cheating is condoned or even encouraged. Unlike many of 2 their contemporaries, these companies are not amoral and their mission is not mainly to maximize their profits without infringing the law.

Between unethical conduct and an unlawful act there is only one step, and this step is very easy to cross, especially if the environment is favorable. The end does not justify the means and ethics should be on an equal basis with profitability.Reaction or response papers are usually requested by teachers so that you'll consider carefully what you think or feel about something you've read.

The following guidelines are intended to be used for reacting to a reading although they could easily be used for reactions to films too.

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