Chapter 32 to kill a mockingbird

Chapter 28 It is dark on the way to the school, and Cecil Jacobs jumps out and frightens Jem and Scout. Scout and Cecil wander around the crowded school, visiting the haunted house in a seventh-grade classroom and buying homemade candy. The pageant nears its start and all of the children go backstage. Scout, however, has fallen asleep and consequently misses her entrance.

Chapter 32 to kill a mockingbird

Well here's a short debreifing chapter on what happened in Scout's life shortly after that fatefull October night's events Fiction T - English - Friendship - Words: This is an extra-credit essay I did for my English class it was to write the chapter after the last in the book after we read To Kill a Mockingbird, I was the only one in my grade who did it so it was read to the entire class and people pursuaded me to post it.

No flames please and thank you. Chapter 32 Jem woke up the next morning all sore, but still his know-it-all, high-and-mighty self. The first words that came out of his mouth were, "I know who done it," and the second words were, "and I fought him off with my bare hands.

I saved me and Scout's life, I did. Later on when we was alone Atticus told me that Jem needed the confidence in himself to be able to heal well. I didn't understand, but still didn't say a word to Jem until months later when his arm wasn't broken any more.

Jem was out of bed by then but said he was too old to go jumping in snow puddles with a girl, and also that his arm would hurt him if he did. He was really milking his injury out good. For a while Cal would do anything he asked her to just as long as he said it with a little wince and whine from the pain, but I wasn't fooled.

Atticus eventually caught on one time when Jem sat on his butt all morning whimpering and making Cal run around helter-skelter then asked Atticus if he would practice football with him. Jem spent the rest of the day putting hay down on the gardens out front, pulling weeds and scrubbing all the dirty dishes until they sparkled.

All the while I sat in the tire swing and watched him work, politely telling him where he had missed a weed just like a little lady should. No one really believed Mr. Tate's story about him falling on his knife, yet no one else had a better explanation so they just let it be.

Aunt Alexandra left the day before Thanksgiving, she said she wanted to have it with her husband, which surprised us all but no one dared defy her wishes; she had seen us through too much for us to be able to complain. The day of her departure Jem and I stood in the front yard with Atticus to see her off.

Cal was in the kitchen busily preparing the Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow.

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Aunty hugged Atticus tightly and whispered something in his ear before patting Jem on the head and turning to me. Opening it I found a simple silver band with little swirling etches covering its shiny surface.

As the car pulled out of the driveway and out of sight, I felt Atticus's hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see him smiling down tenderly, not at me, but at the bracelet as if it were my mother in flesh and blood.

Jem and I had a relaxing day of reading and wandering around the dusty streets of Maycomb. Miss Maudie invited us in around 11 o'clock saying she had just baked a cake and couldn't eat it by herself. We each got a slice from the big cake and it was the best thing I had tasted in a long time, sweet and rich with chocolate and sentimental value.To Kill a Mockingbird is a book written by Harper Lee.

The To Kill a Mockingbird study guide contains a biography of Harper Lee, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a f.

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Analyze the use of the n-word in To Kill a Mockingbird and create class norms around the use of the n-word in read-alouds. Explain Scout's perspective on her brother Jem. 7. Books To Kill a Mockingbird. Follow/Fav Chapter By: XT This was the home, former home, of Robert E.

Lee Ewell, the man that tried to kill me and my brother. Mr. Ewell was dead, but this place filled me with fear, a gut clenching feeling that made me want to turn around and heave.

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It was a lonely house now, and no one seemed to be. To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee Reading Notes Part 1: Theme: The most prominent theme from chapters 1 to 4 is “Silence”. This is a theme because the town that these four chapters are based in is a very taciturn town.

Their main pastime was going to church. Summary: Chapter 30 Scout takes Boo—“Mr. Arthur”—down to the porch, and they sit in shadow listening to Atticus and Heck Tate argue. Heck insists on calling the death an accident, but Atticus, thinking that Jem killed Bob Ewell, doesn’t want his son protected from the law.

Chapter 32 to kill a mockingbird

Jem was suddenly very interested into what I was saying. Then came the high light of the story, Boo Radley. I told him how Boo was the one that saved him and that I walked him home and that Boo and I .

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