Basic counting techniques

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Basic counting techniques

Adding more card values to the counting method makes it more difficult to maintain that count in live play. Remember, in the Hi-Opt I there are multiple cards which cancel each other out. In the Hi-Opt II this is not the case. This means that you will spend more time computing the count as the cards fall.

When you factor in a couple of other things that we will mention shortly, the Hi-Opt II becomes a system that requires a lot of work at the table. In order for the Hi-Opt II to function properly you will need to familiarize yourself with something known as the true count.

All card counting systems use a running count. This means that a running total is kept mentally by the player in order to determine if the deck is favorable to the house or to the player.

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At any point in the game a running count gives you a snapshot of how many tens and low-value cards remain in the deck. A running count actually becomes more useful the more decks there are in the game.

Basic counting techniques

Keeping a running count becomes second nature after a little practice and can be accomplished by beginners. The true count is another matter. A true count takes the information given by the running count and then reduces it to a more precise number which better reflects the true nature of the deck.

Professionals favor the true count because it can reduce the house edge a few percentage points beyond what can be accomplished with a running count. To determine the true count in Hi-Opt II you must first determine the running count. Once the running count is determined the next step is to determine how many decks remain in play.

You will need to estimate this number by considering how many cards have been dealt and how many remain in the shoe. The last step is to divide the running count by the number of decks which remain in play. This will give you the true count required by the Hi-Opt II method.

As you can see in the point values above, aces are given a total of 0 in the running count. To get the most benefit from the Hi-Opt II you also need to keep a separate count of the aces remaining in play.

The reason you need to keep a separate count for the aces in Hi-Opt II is because of the payoff which is given on a blackjack. When you combine a strong true count with a deck that is rich in aces, the chances of getting a blackjack are much better.

This is where the true value in using the Hi-Opt II card counting method emerges and it can really maximize your chances for a healthy profit when you play blackjack at the casinos.

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It requires far too many additional steps and should only be employed by those who have demonstrated a basic proficiency in counting. The increased difficulty of the Hi-Opt II is offset by the chance for bigger profits due to the inclusion of the true count and maintaining a separate count for the aces.

If you want to expand upon your basic knowledge of card counting in blackjack then give the Hi-Opt II a try.Math Investigations Counting and Probability Name BASIC COUNTING TECHNIQUES Counting Lists of Numbers Usually, the first part of problem requires to find out how many numbers there are in a list.

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Basic counting techniques

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