An in depth look at the indeginous people of southe eastern america the seminole

Eastern Woodland Indians Historical information about the Eastern Woodland Indians such as culture, language, and location. In some cases, this group of Indians has been known to live in northwestern states such as Tennessee and Kentucky. The lifestyle of this tribe is similar to the life of other Indians. Traditionally, Eastern Woodland Indians live in log homes.

An in depth look at the indeginous people of southe eastern america the seminole

Historic — Humans first inhabited the peninsula of Florida approximately 14, to 15, years ago; it looked vastly different at that time and had a different climate. Paleo-Indians spent more time in camps and less time traveling between sources of water. They lived on after the extinction of most big game and were primarily hunter-gatherers who depended on smaller game and fish.

They relied on plants for food more than their ancestors. They were able to adapt to the shifting climate and the resulting changes in animal and plant populations. Florida experienced a prolonged drought at the onset of the Early Archaic era that lasted until the Middle Archaic period.

Although the population decreased overall on the peninsula, their use of tools increased significantly during this time. Artifacts demonstrate that these people used drills, knives, choppers, atlatlsand awls made from stone, antlersand bone.


Cultural development also took place. Florida Indians formed into three similar but distinct cultures: OkeechobeeCaloosahatcheeand Gladesnamed for the bodies of water where they were centered. Inarchaeologist John Goggin described the three periods after examining shell mounds.

What has been found—primarily pottery—is gritty and plain. Bythe Glades III culture exhibited the height of their development.

Native American Cultures - HISTORY

Pottery became ornate enough to be subdivided into types of decoration. More importantly, evidence of an expanding culture is revealed through the development of ceremonial ornaments made from shell, and the construction of large earthworks associated with burial rituals.

Calusa Archaeological subareas of tribes that lived in and around the Everglades from to [12] What is known of the inhabitants of Florida after was recorded by European explorers and settlers.

An in depth look at the indeginous people of southe eastern america the seminole

The Calusa were referred to as Carlos by the Spanish, which may have sounded like Calos, a variation of the Muskogean word kalo meaning "black" or "powerful". Fontaneda was a year-old boy who was the only survivor of a shipwreck off the coast of Florida in The chief, or caciquewas named Carlos by the Spanish.

Positions of importance in Calusa society were given the adopted names Carlos and Philip, transliterated from Spanish royal tradition. Polygamy was a method of solving disputes or settling agreements between rival towns. Smaller tribes of Ais and Jaega who lived to the east of Lake Okeechobee, paid regular tributes to Carlos.Seminole in heritage breaks new ground By: Jared Shanker Word travels fast within the small Seminole Tribe of Florida, branching from the Everglades up through the peninsula and navigating around Florida’s Big Bend.

They are legally recognised as indigenous peoples in all four countries.

Native Americans of Florida and the Southeast

[18] [19] In the United Kingdom, crofters have asked to be designated as indigenous peoples of the Scottish Highlands. Introduction - Southeast Indians Southeastern American Indians, also known as the Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands, come primarily from the states of . The Seminole People, a Federally Recognized Indian tribe and notably “the only tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty,” descended from the Maskókî-speaking peoples of the North American Southeast whose presence in the region has been noted by researchers to date back at least 12, years.

Of these, some 10 million lived in the area that would become the United States. As time passed, these migrants and their descendants pushed south and east, adapting as they went.

The Seminole are a Native American people originally from Florida. Today, they principally live in Oklahoma with a minority in Florida, and comprise three federally recognized tribes: the Seminole Tribe of Oklahoma, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, as well as independent groups.

An in depth look at the indeginous people of southe eastern america the seminole
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