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Both teams tested out the waters in the opening minutes as fans, dealing with the heavily-trafficked Windy City, continued to find their seats. Matai Leuta, in his first match with the Eagles, found space in the attacking third to get within five meters of the try line in the fifth minute. The ball was sent wide by Folau Niua for Clever to take in, but he was tackled and lost possession before points could be scored. The All Blacks slowly began to win the aerial battle for territory, and took advantage of any gap the Eagles presented them.

All about eagles

Videos Eagles of the World Scientists loosely divide eagles into four groups based on their physical characteristics and behavior fish eagles, snake or serpent eagles, booted or true eagles, and harpy or buteonine eagles. Sea or Fish Eagles Eleven species of eagles live on the forested shores of lakes, rivers, and oceans from the Arctic Circle to the tropics, excluding South America.

Their diet is heavily weighted, as one would guess from their name, in favor of fish, which may be All about eagles alive or as carrion., Inquirer, and Daily News coverage of the Eagles. The first hit of the Eagles, "Take It Easy."The band became noted as a harmony-singing country rock band in their early years. Here Frey sings lead vocals and Meisner on harmonies, with the rest of the band joining in later. Legal Eagles primarily comes off as a lazy and fairly pointless vanity project that squanders the talents of everyone involved.

However one bird sometimes placed in this group, the vulturine fish eagle, is a near-vegetarian, dining almost exclusively on the fruit of the oil palm. This bird is also called the palm-nut vulture; it appears to be somewhere between fish eagles and vultures in both anatomy and diet.

Other members of this group include the bald eagle, the African fish eagle, and the white-tailed sea eagle. For some fish and sea eagles, the future is uncertain. The striking Steller's sea eagle, which can weigh nearly 20 pounds 9 kgis believed to have a world population of only about 4, breeding pairs.

Sanford's sea eagle Haliaeetus sanfordi and Pallas's sea eagle are also considered to be at risk due to degradation and destruction of their habitat. The total population of the Madagascar fish eagle Haliaeetus vociferoidesbelieved to be one of the world's rarest birds, is estimated at around forty pairs, which are threatened by both habitat destruction and direct persecution.

Snake or Serpent Eagles Generally smaller than other eagles, the snake and serpent eagles hunt the savannas and forests of tropical Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

The most conspicuous member of this group is the flamboyantly marked bateleur. Its scarlet face and legs stand out boldly against its black, white, and chestnut plumage, and, along with its very short tail, make an adult bateleur unmistakable.

The bateleur's name, given by the eighteenth century French naturalist LeVaillant, loosely translates as "tumbler" or "tightrope-walker" and undoubtedly refers to the rocking motion of its flight or the aerobatic maneuvers it sometimes performs.

This group also includes the Madagascar serpent eagle Eutriorchis asturwhich is one of the most endangered raptors in the world, For many years, it was doubted whether any survived in the wild. Finally, ina dead specimen was positively identified, and ina live Madagascar serpent eagle was caught.

The bird's confirmed presence has added even greater urgency to the ongoing struggle to preserve Madagascar's rain forest habitat upon which so many unique animals depend.

Many of the snake and serpent eagles, particularly those of the genus Spilornis, have a very restricted range, which may be limited to one group of islands.

This means that any destruction or degradation of their habitat poses a critical threat to their survival. The booted eagles get their name because their legs are feathered right down to their ankles. This group contains the most species and numbers among them some of the most beautifully marked eagles, including the ornate hawk-eagle,the Spanish imperial eagle, and the crowned hawk-eagle.

Several eagles in this group sport dashing, long crest feathers. Some booted eagles, including the martial eagle, the wedge-tailed eagle, and Verreaux's eagle, are among the largest eagles in the world; others, such as Wahlberg's eagle and Ayres's hawk-eagle, are some of the smallest.

The crowned hawk-eagle has been described as one of the most powerful eagles on earth and regularly eats mammals up to twice its weight.

Two booted eagles, the golden eagle and the wedge-tailed eagle, were persecuted mercilessly in the past for their supposed habits as stock killers.

Today, other members of the group are facing even greater threats. Wallace's hawk-eagle, the Philippine hawk-eagle, and the imperial eagle are considered to be highly at risk; the Javan hawk-eagle and the Spanish imperial eagle are in even more extreme peril.

Deforestation of its home, combined with pressure from illegal hunting and capture for profit, has left the Javan hawk-eagle facing a bleak future. In contrast, it was reforestation, replacement of its native forest habitat with more commercially valuable trees, that was a major factor in reducing the remaining world population of Spanish imperial eagles to only about ISO pairs.

Unlike the new eucalyptus and pine plantations,the original ancient oak forest was rabbit-rich and largely left alone by humans.

All about eagles

The vulnerability of one of the Spanish imperial eagles' last remaining refuges, Donana National Park, was evident in April when toxic mining sludge spilled into the park's Guadiamar River resulting in massive deaths of fish and invertebrates. Observers worried that the dead animals would be eaten by others in the park, including the eagles, spreading the disaster even farther.The Great Eagles were beings of Arda said to have been "devised" by Manwë Súlimo, the leader of the Valar, and were often called the Eagles of Manwë.

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A list of the best Philadelphia Eagles of all time. The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the bedrock franchises of the NFL. Formed in , the Eagles have featured some of the greatest players in NFL history on its roster.

Philadelphia has won three championships in franchise history, but none since Scientists loosely divide eagles into four groups based on their physical characteristics and behavior fish eagles, snake or serpent eagles, booted or true eagles, and harpy or buteonine eagles.

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